14th International Conference on Game Theory at Stony Brook

Contributed talks

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no. Presenter Paper title (click for abstract) file
1 Albizuri, Josune Coalitional Configurations and Value Stony03.pdf (8 kB)
2 Apesteguia, Jose Blowing the Whistle BlowingWhistle.pdf (210 kB, revised June 4)
3 Arin, Jabier Egalitarian Distributions for Coalitional Models: The Lorenz Criterion arin.pdf (251 kB)
4 Asan, Goksel On the Stability and Optimality of Coalitions Voluntarily Providing Impure Public Goods AsanSanversbgt.pdf (106 kB)
5 Bandyopadhyay, Siddhartha Party Formation and Coalitional Bargaining in a Model of Proportional Representation revisingdraftpr.pdf (301 kB)
6 Belsky, Bradley Optimization Using Weighted Fictitious Play belsk-abs.txt (3 kB)
7 Bergantińos, Gustavo The Consistent Coalitional Value ntuccv.pdf (333 kB)
8 Berger, Ulrich A General Model of Best Response Adaptation BergerUBRadapt.pdf (266 kB)
9 Berger, Ulrich Fictitious Play in 2xn Games fp2xnub.pdf (165 kB)
10 Brams, Steven Voter Sovereignty and Election Outcomes Sovereignty.pdf (149 kB)
11 Breitmoser, Yves Long-Term Equilibria of Repeated Consistently Competitive Games compgame.pdf (169 kB, revised June 20)
13 Catilina, Eliane Absent-Minded Driver's Paradox: An Experiment absentminded.pdf (7 kB)
14 Chakraborty, Archishman Seller Cheap Talk in Common Value Auctions sellercheaptalk.pdf (303 kB, revised July 9)
15 Di Tillio, Alfredo Subjective Expected Utility in Games subjectiveSB.pdf (50 kB)
16 Dragan, Irinel The Least Square Values and the Shapley Value dragan.txt (3 kB)
17 Dreisigmeyer, David Discretizing Evolutionary Games gameconfpaper.pdf (1082 kB)
19 Haimanko, Ori On Continuity of the Equilibrium and Core Correspondences in Economies with Differential Information abs-einy.pdf (51 kB)
20 Engseld, Peter Coordination Through Status CTS.pdf (499 kB, revised July 16)
21 Filipovich, Dragan Ambiguous Contracting: Natural Language and Judicial Interpretation ambiguouscontracts.pdf (369 kB)
22 González Díaz, Julio From Set-Valued Solutions to Single-Valued Solutions: the Centroid centroid.pdf (75 kB)
23 Gorodeisky, Ziv Evolutionary Stability for Large Populations and Backward Induction paper.pdf (230 kB)
24 Chakraborty, Archishman Ordinal Cheap Talk ordinal.pdf (328 kB, revised July 9)
25 Herreiner, Dorothea Envy as a Secondary Criterion of Fairness dorothea.txt (1 kB)
26 Hon-Snir, Shlomit Utility Equivalence in Auctions utilpap2.pdf (163 kB)
27 Hortala-Vallve, Rafael Qualitative Voting QualitativeVotingAbstract.pdf (470 kB, revised July 9)
29 Imhof, Stefan Stable Sequences of Political Coalitions Imhofgames03.pdf (57 kB, revised May 16)
30 Inarra, Elena The Supercore for Normal Form Games AE.pdf (235 kB, revised June 18)
31 Izmalkov, Sergei Multi-unit Open Ascending Price Efficient Auction Izmalkov-abstract.txt (1 kB)
32 Ju, Yuan A Compensation Rule for Project-Allocation Games AbstractJu.pdf (78 kB)
36 Kharabadze, Grigol End of Boeing's Monopoly: How Does Airbus' A380 Introduction Affect Large Commercial Aircraft Industry? AbstractGameTheoryConference.pdf (46 kB)
40 Kóczy, László The Minimal Dominant Set is a Non-Empty Core-Extension koczylauwersmindomset.pdf (203 kB)
41 Koessler, Frederic Communication Equilibria with Partially Verifiable Types koessler.pdf (255 kB)
43 Krishna, R. Vijay Absence of Commitment in Principal-Agent Games comm-abs.pdf (123 kB)
44 Kutman, Ali The FBI-CIA Game kutmanabstract.pdf (4 kB)
45 Kvassov, Dmitri Non-Zero-Sum Blotto Games Kvassov.pdf (22 kB)
46 Lambert, Theodore Fictitious Play Approach to a Mobile Unit Situation Awareness Problem FictMuri.pdf (102 kB)
49 Liu, Qihong Customer Information Sharing Among Rival Firms liuserfes.pdf (49 kB, revised June 2)
50 Luo, Xiao A Unified Approach to Information, Knowledge, and Stability xluo.pdf (374 kB, revised June 16)
53 Mathews, Timothy Non-Binding Sequential Exchange Between Discounting Agents MathewsPaper2.pdf (360 kB)
54 Matsuhisa, Takashi Rational Expectations Equilibrium in Economy for Multi-Modal Logic Matsuhisa.pdf (168 kB)
55 Mazalov, Vladimir Location Game on the Plane Locator.pdf (186 kB)
59 Napel, Stefan Power Measurement as Sensitivity Analysis - A Unified Approach NapelWidgrenPaper.pdf (305 kB)
60 Neill, Daniel Cooperation and Coordination in the Turn-Taking Dilemma ttdconf.pdf (230 kB)
61 Nieva, Ricardo Coase, an Extension of the Shapley-Aumann-Myerson Solution and Misleading Policy Implications coajpet1.pdf (226 kB)
62 Nieva, Ricardo Enforcers and Induced Empty Core Games Derived From Any TU 2-Person Game: Ineffective Implementation or Not Agreed Upon Institutions? interaer1.pdf (277 kB, revised July 20)
63 Ozkal-Sanver, Ipek Nash Implementation via Hyperfunctions hyperfunctions.pdf (215 kB)
64 Parthasarathy, T. SER-SIT Stochastic Games and Vertical Linear Complementarity Problem ssgv.pdf (157 kB)
65 Pelosse, Yohan Anonymous Competitive Contracts acc3.pdf (290 kB)
67 Poulsen, Anders Evolution of Preferences in a Simple Game of Life evol.pdf (455 kB, revised July 16)
69 Ray, Indrajit Observable Implications of Nash and Subgame-Perfect Behavior in Extensive Games rationalisation.pdf (159 kB)
72 Sanchez Sanchez, Francisco Decomposition Principle in Cost Games Sanchez.pdf (103 kB)
73 Sanver, M. Remzi Almost all Social Choice Correspondences are Subject to the Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem ozyurtsanver.pdf (298 kB)
75 Savani, Rahul Long Lemke-Howson Paths savani.txt (1 kB)
76 Schanz, Jochen Optimal Information Disclosure for a Policymaker Targeting Aggregate Activity Schanzabstract.pdf (280 kB, revised July 9)
77 Schipper, Burkhard Multi-Person Unawareness heifetzmeierschipper.pdf (129 kB, revised May 23)
78 Schlag, Karl On the Value of Randomizing and Limiting Memory in Repeated Decision-Making Under Minimal Regret regret4.pdf (290 kB)
79 Sekiguchi, Tadashi Repeated Games with Observation Costs obscostWP.pdf (254 kB)
80 Sengupta, Abhijit Sealed Bid Second Price Auctions with Discrete Bidding MathewsAbstract1.pdf (59 kB)
82 Tenorio, Rafael The Impact of Individual and Group Characteristics on Strategies and Outcomes in Coordination Games: Theory and Evidence StonyBrookprop03.pdf (100 kB)
83 Valenciano, Federico Bargaining, Voting and Value bvv.pdf (164 kB)
84 Vidal-Puga, Juan Forming Societies and the Shapley NTU Value shapley-ntu6.pdf (299 kB)
85 Viossat, Yannick Properties of Dual Reduction viossat.pdf (168 kB, revised July 17)
86 von Schemde, Arndt Construction of Equilibrium Components with Arbitrary Index and Degree vonSchemde.pdf (115 kB, revised July 1)
87 von Stengel, Bernhard Computationally Efficient Coordination in Game Trees EFCE.pdf (87 kB)
88 Wako, Jun Two Examples in a Market with Two Types of Indivisible Good WQSB.pdf (208 kB, revised June 13)
89 Watanabe, Naoki Asymptotic Properties of the Shapley Value of Patent Licensing Games Abs-watanabe.pdf (109 kB)
90 Wettstein, David An Ordinal Shapley Value for Economic Environments osv2.pdf (366 kB)
91 Wiese, Harald On the Application of an Outside-Option Value to the Gloves Game gloves4.pdf (249 kB, revised July 17)
92 Xue, Jun Sustaining Cooperation in the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma with Local Interaction introductionnew.pdf (95 kB)
93 Zapechelnyuk, Andriy Bargaining with a Ruler: Solution Implementation via Generalized Auction Zapechelnyuk.pdf (89 kB)
94 Zarzuelo, Josi On Coalitional Semivalues CS00.pdf (263 kB)
95 Jaskiewicz, Anna On the Equivalence of Two Expected Average Reward Criteria for Zero-Sum Semi-Markov Games stbr.pdf (47 kB, revised Apr 23)
96 Polowczuk, Wojciech On Two-Point Nash Equilibrium in Concave Bimatrix Games Polowczuk.pdf (49 kB, revised Apr 30)
97 Eguiazarova, Elina Comparative Statics for the Private Provision of Public Goods eg.pdf (62 kB, revised Apr 30)
98 Stamatopoulos, Giorgos Innovation and Licensing in Models of Product Differentiation giorgos.pdf (41 kB, revised May 11)
99 Lacôte, Guillaume How to efficiently defeat a strategy of bounded rationality lacote.pdf (232 kB, revised May 14)
100 Marino, Alexandre Continuous Versus Discrete Market Game marino.pdf (35 kB, revised May 21)
102 Orzach, Ram Private Information and Nonbinding Arbitration: A Proposal for Reducing the Costs of Litigation introSB.txt (2 kB, revised June 4)
103 Shmaya, Eran Two Player Non Zero-sum Stopping Games in Discrete Time shmaya.pdf (316 kB, revised June 4)
104 Nawar, Abdel-Hameed Internet Auctions with Traffic Congestion nawar.pdf (43 kB, revised June 16)
105 Sen, Debapriya General Licensing Schemes for a Cost-Reducing Innovation sentauman.pdf (248 kB, revised June 16)
106 Amir, Rabah Merger Performance under Uncertain Efficiency Gains ADX91.pdf (641 kB, revised June 27)
107 Birulin, Oleksii Public Goods with Congestion: A Mechanism Design Approach congestionjuly3.pdf (294 kB, revised July 2)

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